Lepine Book Cover

Client: School in Prague
Project: Publishing, Layout, Illustration
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Le Concour Lepine

Traditionally 'Le concours Lepine' is a famous French competition of Inventions dating back to 1901. This original book project directed by Camille Remuzon, is a collection of fun and amusing inventions from the imagination of young students in the Czech republic. I was commissioned to illustrate the front and back cover for this project, developing characters related to the inventions.

More about Le Concour Lepine

In 1900, a small but reputable toy manufacturers in Paris, internationally renowned for their quality and inventiveness, started to suffer from foreign competition. The hand crafts and their independent manufacturers sold various decorations in the busy districts of Paris, competing with shopkeepers and provoking the increasing intervention. A Police bicycle brand Hirondelle was then created by the famous Louis L├ępine. Rather than multiplying the police rounds, in 1901 a competition and exhibition of toys and knick-knacks was set up to reveal their work and counter-regulate street trade. And thus Les Concour Lepines was born.

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