ICPN Website

Client: ICPN. Developed at Multimedia Marketing Group
Project: Web Design, Branding and Wordpress


Illinois Crisis Prevention Network

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (ICPN) is designed to meet the behavioral and medical needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing significant behavioral and medical challenges. The ICPN consists of six statewide Support Service Teams who provide community-based support and consultation services to the person experiencing these challenges, as well as their family and or service providers.

ICPN was in need of a fresh look and a set of clear communication tools in order to reach out to both educators and family’s in need of support. I designed the layout and color scheme with this in mind and developed the first of the two websites as an informative platform. The second website; ‘ICPN Training’ is a place for educators and community members to sign up for workshops and stay informed of up and coming events. This needed to be very functional while keeping the same look, so that the two sites could be seamlessly integrated. Here is a look theĀ ICPN website.

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